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Building a symbolic executor for AoC day 24

Can we solve AoC day 24 without looking at the input at all? (spoiler, yes and it's quite neat)

Introduction to heredocs in Dockerfiles

A beginner's introduction to the new heredocs feature in moby/buildkit.

How I built this site

After two years with a default theme website, I've built my own flashy website from scratch using Gatsby, Bulma and Netlify!

D-CTF secret writeup

Writeup for the "secret" challenge from D-CTF.

3D printing data

Hackathon writeup from HackSurrey. Pretty much just a technical writeup of how we hacked together a way to 3D print arbitrary data using hashes, factoradic bases, and of course blockchain.

Virtual Filesystems

Super easy and beginner friendly tutorial on how to quickly and easily use Python and FUSE to build virtual filesystems! A really easy way to get stuck into filesystem programming.

Tutorial - Making a Raspberry Pi WiFi Booster

Learn how to create a quick and easy WiFi booster from scratch using a Raspberry Pi!

Aston Hack

Another hackathon writeup, this time from Aston Hack. And also how I built a virtual theremin using the Web Audio API and Nintendo Joycons.

Hack the Midlands

What I learnt from my first hackathon experience at HackTheMidlands.

Generating identicons

Ever wondered how to generate github-style identicons? Learn the algorithm so you can code your own!